Traditional way of selling products & Problems

Import flow

Importer-> Wholesaler->Retailer->End User



Selling through reputable online retailers such as AMazon or eBay build our own website


Existing problems

.Inventory turn-over efficiency is low
.Competitions amongst importers and dealers or retailers
.High price for customers
.Manufacturer’s price is compressed
.Dealers or retailers have lower margin of survival rate
.No bargaining power
.No rights in say

Small Businesses’ Current Predicament

.Limited resources
.Have no say
.Low profit margin
.Want to eliminate the “middle man” (Higher profit margin)
.Reasons preventing them to do so: • MOQ
.Quality control
.Possible lack of professional knowledge


Manufacturer’s Current Mindset

.Manufacturers capable of producing large quantity are only focusing on the standardized products from huge retailers or the government won’t care about small businesses’ needs.

.From cross-country online platform, the order is little to nothing, cost in production line is too high to recover

.Online platform may not be as professional in solving problems and providing services.

What if this Platform Exists

Collect customers (small businesses)

Merge their orders
 .Production lines can be more efficiently used
 .Better pricing overall

Completely provides:
 .Packaging and shipping services
 .Order financing
 .Inventory sharing
 .Professional service after purchase

Crowdfunding & Terms

• Logon to our website, and choose what product you would like to fund
• Down payment of 30% (will return the full amount if not successful)
• After successful funding, manufacture within 30 days, ships to the US 7-21 days, then pay the remaining 70%
• Arrives domestically within 7 days
• At shipping time, products will be stored in data storage center, when other customers need stored product, product owner will receive 15% bonus, shipping and packaging will be that customer’s responsibility
• Adjust product density geographically to avoid unnecessary competition
• Crowdfunding price structure: Manufacturer’s FOB price + shipping & (air or sea) + import tax + 10% handling charge*purchasing level factor
• If customers wish to sell their inventories within our system, they have to update their inventories info and provide customer service themselves
• Our web store is real name based, offers payment protection PAYPAL, successful transaction can accumulate rewards points and can earn additonal discount on future transaction
• When member’s ordered quantity reaches manufacturer’s MOQ, can fulfill customer’s private label is desired
• High-level members can start their own crowdfunding project and request individualized products

What is Next

.Financial Service
.Inventory sharing
.Develop Apps
.Develop membership for engineers and designers
.Utilize UBER to provide designs that fit geographically or community
.Provide installation and maintenance service
.In the future will be the platform for O2O software