Bear HMJ-A70C1 Dough Maker, Microcomputer Timing , Face-up Touch Panel,7 Liters, Stainless 304 steel

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Stainless 304 steel basin make it easy to use as well as cleaning conveniently
200 watts of power to provide enough strength to the dough. Rotating Speed: 140r/min-170r/min (intermittent rotation:There will be a pause every few seconds, in order to knead the dough more evenly and reduce the pressure on the motor.).
7 liters Large capacity makes it available for kneading 1 ~ 5 liters of dough at a time, and it is suitable for large and small families. More suitable for Chinese families, making buns, steamed stuffed buns, etc.
Microcomputer timing, intelligent kneading and ferment dough program, saving effort and worry for the dough making.
The kneading function and the fermentation function are integrated to help you complete the dough in one machine. Face-up touch panel, user-friendly operation without bending to make the dough, make an easy and effortless method to make the dough