MR16-12V GU5.3 Professional Halogen Bulb Quartz dichroic Reflector UV Stop Tempered Glass Cover dimmable for Indoor Outdoor spot Lights

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This promotion pack includes: 10PC professional halogen reflector bulbs, GU5.3 base, 20W, BAB 38Degree, 12VAC/DC input. Or 6PC 50W EXN 38Degree Halogen MR16 reflector bulbs, 12VAC/DC input. Eye care technology, flicker free, UV free, Omni directional, Truest color deoxidization, CRI100, warm white, Instant on and fully dimmable. Ideal for Accent Lights, Under Cabinet Puck Light, Chandeliers, Wall Mounts Sconces, Closet Lights, Floor Lamps, Table/Desk Lights, Track Lighting, and Lighting for Landscape, RV, Caravan, Boats, Yachts, etc. Environmental friendly, no mercury, ROHS complaint. Durable: Extremely 3,000 Hours lifetime, 6month limited warranty.
Why our prices are always competitive? We are one of the leading manufacturers in the world halogen industry and just decide to build our brand now, we shipped inventory to Amazon directly without any middle channel fee. Why our quality is guaranteed? We have more than 20-year experience of halogen R&D and producing, the fact is we are OEM factory of the top 5 brands in US market. We own the best facilities and skilled staffs in the halogen lighting industry. Why we come to sell classic halogen bulbs directly in the market? As an old product, like incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs are challenged by LED technology and phasing out day by day, we are also reducing halogen production. But there are still some advantages could not be ignored, we hope to be the last one halogen supplier for those Nostalgic people.