120V R7s Base Double Ended Linear Halogen Bulb (R7S78-100W)

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This promotion pack includes 5PC R7s 78mm 100W base linear halogen bulbs, Flicker free, Truest color deoxidization, CRI100, warm white, Instant on and fully dimmable. Ideal for flood light, wall washer, torchiere floor light, wall sconce etc. Environmental friendly, no mercury, ROHS complaint. Durable: Extremely 2,000 Hours lifetime, 1year limited warranty.
Phoenimax branddouble-ended halogen light bulbs produce a bright white light making them ideal for task or general purpose lighting, such as work lights, security lights, and torchiere and floor lamps. *Life-Lasts 2000hrs *Dimmable *110-130V applicable Do not touch bulb with bare skin Caution: This lamp gets hot. All fixture to cool before servicing Be sure fixture is specified for this lamp Do not use near materials that are negatively affected by heat The halogen capsule operates at high heat and pressure and may rupture causingpersonal injury or property damage This bulb must be used I a fixture that has suitable protective shield.