Newhouse Lighting LED G40 String Lights with Weatherproof Technology, 100W Dimmer with Wireless Remote Control, 50ft and 52 (50+2 Free) LED Light Bulbs Included, Warm White (PSTRINGLEDDIM)

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ENERGY FRIENDLY LED PATIO LIGHTS: The 1W filament light bulb uses just a fraction of energy compared to the incandescent counter-part, and lasts 5x longer!
WEATHERPROOF STRING LIGHTS: Weatherproof and leak-proof. Hang these lights anywhere you want cafe or bistro style outside globe lights without worrying about weather.
LED DIMMER INCLUDED: These outdoor LED lights come with an incredibly convenient LED dimmer so you can customize your space exactly how you want! Leave them at 100% for backyard lights that illuminate your whole space, or dim them for a more romantic atmosphere. Also includes a remote control for one-touch convenience.
TIMELESS DESIGN: The benefits of our LED light bulbs mixed with the timeless look and vibe of outdoor string lights are the perfect choice for patio lights decor.
FUNCTION AND STYLE: These stylish LED string lights for patio will add the perfect touch of ambiance to any outdoor get together. Brighten up your outdoor space while bringing a touch of fun to the moment!
The new, stylish and functional 50-foot energy-saving LED string lights yards have arrived! Stop wasting tons of energy with old incandescent versions and upgrade to energy friendly LED outdoor lighting! Best of all, this string light comes with a 100W LED dimmer with remote and you can 'personalize your space! Dim your lights with the push of a button, and create a dreamy ambience or Leave Them at full strength for light to eat or cook it. The Newhouse Lighting LED string lights are the perfect outdoor yard . lights for your garden or backyard string Between Them trees, along the fence line, or in clusters around your space Newhouse Lighting: . Defi Ning Moments Life's Brighter NOTE :! Please do not overload the dimmer check your savings setup and make sure not to Exceed 100W.¡ Llegó chain Energy LED lights 50ft and raw! Stop wasting tons of energy and exterior LED LIGHTING update and old versions of incandescent friendly energy! Best of all, this string light comes with a LED controller and 100W Send away so you can customize in space. Tell me your lights just click to create an atmosphere of Reverie Button on leave THEMIS to the full force of light to eat About Kitchen. Chain LED lighting lights of the lights are Jardin courtyard Newhouse perfect. Enréngalos Arboles sighs, and along the fence line, . the bunches around your space lighting Newhouse Brightest Defi Ning moments of life Notes: . Please do not overload the attenuator check your settings and make sure the emergency Exceed 100W.