Newhouse Lighting V5BLF12SHROUD Bronze Outdoor Shroud Angled Aluminum Hood Glare Shield

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UPGRADE YOUR FIXTURE: Reduced glare from the flood light fixture provides flexible options to get your lighting exactly how you want it.
PLEASE NOTE: Only compatible with the Newhouse Lighting Flood Light model V5BLF12BRZ
EASY INSTALLATION: Mount directly to fixture hood with the provided locking screw. Suitable for wet/damp/dry locations
PROTECT YOUR FIXTURE: Help prevent damage to your fixture from wind, water, or falling branches
The Newhouse Lighting glare shield is the perfect accessory to the V5BLF12BRZ Bullet Flood Light fixture. This shield is an effective option to control your light and helps to prevent wind and water from damaging the flood light as well as helping to reduce any glare created by the light. Installation is simple, just align the shield with the holes that are built into the fixture and attach with the provided screws. Newhouse Lighting: Defining Life's Brighter Moments.