Skála: an Artistic LED Desk Light/Night Light/Mood Light Designed by Landlite (Pewter Finish & Warmwhite Light)

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There are no electrical wires within the joints: electricity is conducted purely by metal-to-metal adhesion. Skála is safe to touch with no risk of shock. When closed, Skála Lamp is unassuming—a paperweight or base, perhaps. It opens to illuminate with a non-flicker light as it transforms into a work of art. Skála Lamp’s concentric rings become a symbol of ascension and progress paired with simple, timeless form. The innovative USB charging feature allows for a wire-free design, enhancing the overall mystery and playfulness of the lamp. The metal is both a conductor and an insulator, a technique at the cutting edge of lighting technology.
Skála Lamp is a desk lamp with a unique unfolding design that makes it a statement piece which blends design, structural integrity, functionality, and a sense of class. We designed Skála to challenge the traditional model of desk lighting. It is not only visually appealing, but it also incites people’s instinct to want to play with it.